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Polti Vaporetto

The Ideal Solution for Cleaning Your Home

House cleaning is made amazingly simple due to the Polti Vaporetto array of steam cleaners. In depth cleaning is what sets steam cleaners apart from the conventional methods of cleaning. Whenever utilized on worktops these steam cleaners remove all bacteria and germs. Asthma patients, those that have breathing illnesses and people having severe allergies can benefit from cleaning their houses using a Polti Vaporetto, because using one is proven to kill 98% of dust mites and neutralise their allergens. Steam cleaning is simpler, faster and gets a lot better results compared to conventional house cleaning methods.

All the steam cleaners within this range make use of ordinary tap water heated to one hundred and twenty degrees Celsius (Centigrade) to create "dry steam" for the stress-free sanitisation of your household surfaces. The steam releases dirt and grease which is simply accumulated on the cotton cloth quickly and easily. All the cleaners come with a selection of cleaning heads for the easy cleansing of a multitude of surface types and, according to their site, the Polti Vaporetto will clean:

"Practically anything, thanks to the accessories available: floors, glass, mirrors, tiles, gaps between tiles (eliminating ugly black lines), cookers (removing grease and built-up dirt), bathroom fixtures, mattresses (eliminating dust mites and allergens), sofas, upholstery, carpets and rugs, parquet, the oven, garden furniture, roller blinds and shutters, heaters, defrosting the freezer, polishing gold, perking up plants, clearing blocked-up sinks, cleaning the inside of the car, removing grease from wheel rims... And if that's not enough, you can even iron with ultra-powerful steam, if you add an iron accessory."

Saving You Time

Using a Polti Vaporetto literally will take you much less time to completely clean compared to old-fashioned solutions for housecleaning because these steam cleaners dissolve and collect all the filth more easily. This, consequently, will mean that you simply won't have a need to clean as frequently, seeing as clean, degreased and sanitised surfaces tend not to attract dust and grime as quickly as conventionally cleaned surfaces, so they keep clean for longer. In addition, you only use one simple device to completely clean throughout, without swapping attachments constantly or having to use various cleaning products for a variety of housecleaning tasks. Using the Polti Vaporetto you eliminate all the tools you would commonly need to keep the house nice and clean like, for example, sponges, brooms, dustpans, buckets, brushes, cloths, feather dusters, window cleaners, step ladders for high surfaces, and so on and so forth and, because the intensity of steam makes it easy to break down dirt and grime without even scrubbing, you need less energy and effort to get the surfaces clean. Perfect!

So how does steam actually clean?

Again, the Polti website states:

"Steam cleans thanks to three "physical" properties: water, temperature and pressure, which work together to dislodge grease and dirt from every corner of the home.

WATER: steam is made up of water molecules which bind to dirt molecules on contact, "softening" them.

TEMPERATURE: steam comes out at a temperature hot enough to separate and dissolve even the most stubborn dirt and grease while destroying any bacteria.

PRESSURE: under pressure dirt is definitively "detached" from surfaces, so all you have to do is collect it up with a cloth or by vacuum cleaning."

Very Little Maintenance

An excellent aspect of these appliances is that they require practically no maintenance. Purely rinsing the water tank subsequent to every few uses is going to eliminate all the lime-scale deposits. The one replacement consumable necessary are the water filters that remove any sort of particles or muck before they get into the boiler. Polti do, nevertheless, advocate purchasing Kalstop to stop the accumulation of limescale.

Safety First and Foremost

What's more, the Polti Vaporetto incorporates a world-wide patented safety cap built to guarantee that it can't possibly be unscrewed whilst any pressure is left within the system, even if the cleaner is switched off. This, together with a mechanical valve, ensures maximum protection and stability to stop any form of accidental opening. Essential if there are infants nearby.

The Polti Vaporetto comes in a variety of designs, the most popular of which include the Polti Vaporetto Pocket Steam Cleaner, the Polti 950 Steam Cleaner, which is offered in turquoise or white and the Polti Vaporetto Flash.

To see the various available styles, take a look here.