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Polti Steam Cleaner

Superior Cleaning - Scientifically Proven

If you own a Polti Steam Cleaner then you'll most likely have chosen it for its superior cleaning power. If you don't own one then it is the first brand that you are most definitely going to want to put at the top of your list. Every Polti steam cleaner is a masterpiece of modern technology designed for effortless and thorough house cleaning. Having one of these in your home will make your household chores a breeze. Polti steam cleaners clean and disinfect by using water and heat to produce hot steam, heated to over 120 degrees Celsius (Centigrade) under high pressure, which will instantly kill all bacteria, germs and dust mites. As stated on the Polti website:

“Tests carried out by Cambridge University and Lyon Dermatological Hospital has demonstrated the effectiveness of Polti steam against dust mites (eliminated 98%) and allergens (eliminated 86%). In addition, the British Allergy Foundation awarded Vaporetto its “Seal of Approval” for its effectiveness in eliminating mites.”

Use All Over The House

Where once steam cleaners were seen as the preserve of house cleaning companies, these days more and more people are discovering the benefits of owning their own steam cleaner. Many people all around the UK are discovering just how steam cleaners are making short work of what used to be difficult cleaning tasks. Not just limited to floors, Polti steam cleaners can be used on upholstery, in bathrooms and kitchens and can even strip wallpaper. In fact, their uses are too numerous to list, but they also include allergen control, cleaning of cooking appliances, furniture, mattresses, coats, floors and windows.

The Polti steam cleaner is ideal for the cleaning of carpets and rugs without the use of any harmful chemicals and is fantastic for car upholstery too. In addition, if you've had enough of rubber gloves  ineffectual cleaning fluids, lots of elbow grease and using an old toothbrush on the grouting then now is the time to invest in a Polti Steam Cleaner and banish those kitchen and bathroom cleaning blues forever.

Environmentally Friendly

Already leading the market with steam cleaners, Italian manufacturer Polti also specialises in top of the range vacuum cleaners and irons. The main selling point with regards to Polti steam cleaners is that they enable you to use ordinary tap water, in the form of high-pressure steam, to perform a variety of  household cleaning jobs, without the need for chemicals and detergents. Not only that, they actually save water, as one litre of water produces about one thousand litres or steam. Anything that is environmentally friendly is always a winner with customers and Polti steam cleaners certainly tick that box.

Hygienic and Child Friendly

If that were not enough to convince you to seriously consider investing in a Polti steam cleaner, there is also the health aspects to having a deep cleaned home. Not only does it eliminate the harmful effects of using chemical cleaners around family members that are sensitive to all kinds of allergies, there is also the peace of mind of knowing that any child or baby in the house can play safely in a thoroughly clean environment.

Some Polti steam cleaners  come with an iron which in effect turns the polti into a steam generator iron, this is an added advantage when considering the cost of these appliances on their own.  

The Polti steam cleaner really is very powerful and has a multitude of benefits. Go to the website now and check the range out for yourself.